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Disney Performing Arts Programme

Disney Performing Arts Programme

The Disney Performing Arts programme offers performance and educational workshop opportunities to amateur groups, with the aim of giving participants a glimpse into Disney's world of entertainment by offering them the unique, once in a lifetime experience of becoming a "Disney" performer for the day!  The following group types are eligible to apply: instrumental, choral, dance & parade.

Disney Performing Arts OnStage

Perform to the world!

Music and performance are a fundamental part of the Disney heritage and have been bringing our 'world' to life since Walt Disney opened Disneyland® in 1955!When walking through any Disney park you are very likely to come across some form of live entertainment. Each year hundreds of amateur groups showcase their talents and experience the thrill of the performance of a lifetime!What could be more exciting than performing on a Disney stage, in front of an International audience? Disney Performing Arts OnStage gives the opportunity to instrumental, vocal, dance & marching groups to do just that!

Disney Performing Arts Workshops

Be inspired by the stars!

Disney is an internationally recognised company, at the forefront of the entertainment industry.Disney Performing Arts Workshops are founded on a strong ethos for performance development.  Giving students the opportunity to reach for the stars, through hands-on sessions with Disney professionals.  Emphasis is placed on key points, including performance techniques, professionalism, & team work, while not forgetting Disney Magic! All aimed at reinforcing the skills required for great performances!Current workshop sessions include: Dance, Vocal & Musical Theatre

Disney Performing Arts Calendar September 2014

DateGroup's nameCountryVenueTypeShow time
20/09/2014MGM Big BandGermanyVideopolisInstrumental13h00
21/09/2014Gummersbach Philarmonic OrchestraGermanyVideopolisInstrumental13h00
26/09/2014Australian Girls ChoirAustraliaVideopolisChoir12h30
26/09/2014Louise Flood School of DanceIrelandVideopolisDance13h30
27/09/2014The King's SchoolEnglandVideopolisinstrumental&choir13h00

Disney Performing Arts Calendar August 2014

DateGroup's nameCountryVenueTypeShow time
01/08/2014Dance KaleidoscopeUnited KingdomVideopolisDance12h00
01/08/2014Summerscales Performing ArtsUnited KingdomVideopolisDance14h00
02/08/2014Santoy Academy of Dance & DramaUnited KingdomVideopolisDance13h00
02/08/2014Claire Anderson School of DancingUnited KingdomVideopolisDance14h00
02/08/2014Chater Dance AcademyUnited KingdomVideopolisDance15h00
02/08/2014Rascals Theatre SchoolUnited KingdomVideopolisDance16h00
02/08/2014The Mardi Gras DancersUnited KingdomDisneyland ParkPre parade17h00
03/08/2014Summerscales Performing ArtsUnited KingdomVideopolisDance14h00
03/08/2014Jam Dance CompanyEnglandVideopolisDance13H00
04/08/2014Rhythm and Sole DanceUnited KingdomVideopolisDance13h00
04/08/2014Kay Jay School of DanceUnited KingdomVideopolisDance14h00
04/08/2014The Grosvenor School of Performing ArtsUnited KingdomVideopolisDance15h00
04/08/2014Boom ProductionsUnited KingdomVideopolisDance16h00
04/08/2014The Mardi Gras DancersUnited KingdomDisneyland ParkPre parade17h00
06/08/2014Julie Bromage Dance AcademyUnited KingdomVideopolisDance13h00
06/08/2014Julie Turner Stage AcademyUnited KingdomVideopolisDance14h00
06/08/2014Chris Woolfenden School of DanceUnited KingdomVideopolisDance15h00
06/08/2014Johnson School of DanceUnited KingdomVideopolisDance16h00
06/08/2014The Mardi Gras DancersUnited KingdomDisneyland ParkPre parade17h00
07/08/2014Youth Show Marching Band GÖta LejonSwedenDisneyland ParkPre parade17h00
13/08/2014Youth Brass 2000EnglandVideopolisInstrumental13h00
13/08/2014Sparkellez Dance CompanyEnglandVideopolisDance14h30
13/08/2014Asociación Musical IscarienseSpainDisneyland ParkPre parade17h00
17/08/2014Côr Meibion de CymruWalesVideopolisChoir13h00
17/08/2014Andrea Knowles Academy of DancingEnglandVideopolisDance14H30
17/08/2014Dreams Theatre SchoolEnglandVideopolisDance15H30
18/08/2014The Island Dance and Theatre CompanyUnited KingdomVideopolisDance13h00
18/08/2014Dance Studio VizaviIsraelVideopolisDance14h00
18/08/2014Dance Studio Sigi NissanIsraelVideopolisDance15h00
19/08/2014Enderby Youth BandUnited KingdomVideopolisInstrumental13h00
19/08/2014School of Performing ArtsMaltaVideopolisDance14h00
20/08/2014Jay-Em StudiosUnited KingdomVideopolisDance13h00
20/08/2014Stalder Academy of DanceUnited KingdomVideopolisDance14h00
20/08/2014Prima Academy of Performing ArtsUnited KingdomVideopolisDance15h00
20/08/2014Michelle Randles School of DancingUnited KingdomVideopolisDance16h00
20/08/2014The Mardi Gras DancersUnited KingdomDisneyland ParkPre parade17h00
21/08/2014Mad 4 DanceUnited KingdomVideopolisDance12h00
21/08/2014Aspire DanceEnglandVideopolisDance14h00
21/08/2014Jackie Everton Dance and Stage SchoolEnglandVideopolisDance15h00
21/08/2014Banda de Música de el BonilloSpainDisneyland ParkPre parade17h00
22/08/2014Funky Feet School of DanceUnited KingdomVideopolisDance12h00
22/08/2014Marilyn Jones Dance CentreUnited KingdomVideopolisDance13h00
22/08/2014Collette Tyler School of Dance and Theatre ArtsUnited KingdomVideopolisDance14h00
22/08/2014LS School of DanceUnited KingdomVideopolisDance15h00
22/08/2014SLP Junior AcademyUnited KingdomVideopolisDance16h00
25/08/2014Directions Theatre ArtsEnglandVideopolisDance13h00
25/08/2014Directions Theatre ArtsEnglandVideopolisDance14H00
27/08/2014Ysgol Gerdd CeredigionWalesVideopolisChoir13h00
28/08/2014Kidz R Us Performing ArtsWalesVideopolisMusical theatre13h00
28/08/2014Les Ensembles Folkloriques JeunessesRussiaVideopolisDance14h30
29/08/2014Stagecoach PontypriddUnited KingdomVideopolisChoir13h00
30/08/2014Brigitte Nicole Cookies DanceFranceVideopolisDance13h00
31/08/2014Dance DynamicsEnglandVideopolisDance13h00

Disney Performing Arts Application form & Contact

To take the first step towards becoming a part of the Disney magic, simply contact us:
download here (437KB, PDF) the performance application form 
 e-mail: dlp.spectacle.dpa@disney.com  
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